Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring an architect?

Your building project represents a major investment, and the way to maximize such an investment begins with consulting an architect. Architects are specially educated to help you define what you want to build, present ideas you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment.

What is the Architectural Process?

See our Process Page

What does it cost to hire an architect?

Our fees are determined on an individual basis (with no charge for a quotation). Depending on the type of project, our services may be provided for a percentage of the construction cost, or on an hourly basis.

How do I decide which architect to use?

Each architect has his or her own design philosophy. In order to better understand the architect's ability to provide what you are looking for, meet with the architect and look at previous work he or she has completed.

What does the architectuRal fee include?

Our fee usually includes architectural and structural services. For an additional fee we can also provide civil, mechanical, electrical, landscape, and interior design services if desired.

Do I get to keep my plans when the project is done?

All original plans are retained by the architect, as copyright owner. A copy of the plans is given to the client, but drawings are not to be completed by others and are to be used solely with respect to the project.

After plans are drawn, how much time do I have to build from them?

Because of the changing nature of construction methodology, the construction time frame is limited to a period of time that is reasonable for the scope of the project.